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Illume Energy Solutions is an electrical contracting company that delivers energy management solutions and energy-efficient lighting systems for commercial, industrial, institutional and government clients. We utilize the latest energy saving controls and lighting systems, including LED technology, that balance energy savings with costs to save money for your company or organization.

With more than 30 years of experience, we have  completed projects for clients across the country and in the Caribbean. We design, upgrade, retrofit and install safe, energy-efficient lighting systems, for both inside and outside your facility. Our installations are custom-designed turnkey solutions that meet your business and financial goals and budget requirements..

While energy costs are rising, the availability of energy-saving technology at competitive prices is increasing. By being proactive with utility costs, you can:

  • Increase your property’s value while lowering your expenses
  • Lower your costs of lighting – inside & out
  • Improve employee productivity with a modern lighting system
  • Reduce energy usage and lower operating costs
  • Create an appealing environment to live, work, shop and visit
  • Provide a better learning experience for students and faculty
  • Qualify for government and utility incentives and rebates
  • Be a responsible corporate citizen and help sustain the environment

The payback period for an Illume Energy Solutions’ project can be as few as two years. While your ROI is measured on the  bottom-line, a lighting retrofit adds value to your organization. Not only do you benefit from the investment in upgrading your facility, but also from the image you convey to your employees, tenants, customers and the public.  A modern lighting system is the most cost effective way of improving the security of your building and inviting people to your facility.

Illume Energy Solutions is committed to providing you with energy-efficient lighting systems, state-of-the-art energy conservation solutions and the finest customer service in our industry.

  • The first visible-spectrum LED was invented in 1962 by Nick Holonyak, Jr. at GE.
  • The solid-state technology of LEDs make them well suited for advanced control systems and networked ‘smart’ buildings.
  • Section 179D of the Federal Tax Code provides a tax deduction for energy improvements including lighting.
  • By converting entirely to LED lights over the next 20 years, the US could:
  • Save $250 billion in energy costs
  • Reduce electricity consumption for lighting by 50%
  • Avoid 1,800 million tons of carbon emissions
  • Renewable energy now accounts for almost 17% of installed operating capacity in the US
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