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Should I retrofit my lighting system or should I redesign it?

Retrofitting is substantially less expensive. If your current lighting design is satisfactory for the way your space is used, there is no need to completely redo your lighting design to obtain the energy savings of a modern LED lighting system.

Are all LEDs the same?

No. While all LEDs are more energy efficient than older incandescent lights, they are not all equal. It is important that the lighting you install is best suited for your facility’s lighting needs and your organization’s budget.

What should an energy efficient lighting system include?

Not only the lamp and fixture, but it should also include lighting controls to maximize your energy savings. Sensors and switches allow you to moderate the amount of light used during the course of the day, depending on how the lighted area is used. Make sure that the controls are compatible with the lights so that they work properly.

Are there incentives available for my energy reduction project?

Yes. There are federal tax incentives and state and local government and utility rebates that are available. Illume Energy Solutions will work with you to ensure that your energy saving project is eligible. Contact us for information about the incentives and rebates available in your area.

How do I select a company to design and install my lighting system upgrade?

You should consider the company’s experience and their access to the extensive array of lighting products and materials available from the many LED companies in the market. If they are a licensed electrical contractor like Illume Energy Solutions, you can be confident that they can quickly deal with any problem that may arise during the installation. As an added benefit, they may also notice other energy saving opportunities in your facility.

Why should I modernize my lighting system?

Whether you retrofit or redesign, your bottom-line will realize substantial savings in your energy costs, both by reducing your energy usage as well as finding savings in your maintenance expenses. In addition to sustainability, your organization will experience other ‘intangible’ benefits by having a state-of-the-art lighting system in your facility.

Why should I upgrade my lighting system NOW?

The US Dept. of Energy is aggressively promoting energy efficiency, phasing out older lighting products and has already stopped the production of certain inefficient lighting products. By upgrading now, the savings you can begin to realize today can pay for the costs you will have to incur in the future.

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