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 Healthcare Providers and Hospitals

Lighting is an important component in the comfort, care and well-being of patients and their families. Safety is enhanced since LED lights emit no UV light and little IR light that can harm skin and eyes. Reduced heat emissions and shatter resistant surfaces reduce the danger if they are touched. Your professional staff benefits from the consistent and high quality of LED lighting when observing and treating their patients.


 Educational Institutions

An up-to-date energy efficient lighting system can be a significant cost saver for educational institutions that are constantly in need of funds. The enhanced quality of LED lighting creates a better learning environment in classrooms, auditoriums and other common areas while modern exterior lighting promotes a sense of security and pride among students and faculty, as well as family and friends.


 Manufacturing Facilities

LED lights will not discolor or damage the surfaces or objects they are lighting. Since they emit no UV and little IR light that can damage the eyes or skin, they are safer for your employees. Modern LED lighting can illuminate space from a distance while minimizing contrast, reducing glare, and meeting safety and hazardous environment requirements, all of which results in better Quality Control.


 Street Lighting, Parking Lots and Garages

At night, people want to feel protected when they are on the street or on your premises.A modern lighting system plays a crucial role in giving people a sense of security and is the most cost effective safety measure available when the sun goes down or the area is otherwise dark.Because of the long life of LED lights, not only are your maintenance and utility costs lower, you also reduce the risk of problems on your premises because of non-functioning lighting.

hiw-5Office, Apartment and Condo Buildings

For tenants or visitors, safety and security are important criteria in the selection of a place to live or work. A modern energy efficient lighting system, around the outside as well as in common areas, reflects a well-managed facility. Not only will it reduce utility bills and enhance the value of the property, but it can also lessen liability and insurance costs.

hiw-6Retail, Malls and Shopping Centers

If a product doesn’t look good or the interior lighting is not inviting, customers won’t enter and spend their money. LED lights can enhance the appeal of products by not discoloring or damaging them. Exterior LED lighting in parking lots improves visibility for nighttime driving, adding to the security of customers and making it more likely they shop with you.

hiw-7Warehouse, Distribution & Storage Facilities

Often open 24/7, lighting costs, including maintenance expenses, account for a large portion of overhead. A modern energy efficient lighting system not only reduces energy usage by as much as 90 percent, enhanced light quality has been shown to improve employee productivity. Up-to-date exterior lighting is important for the safety and security of the facility. It provides reassurance and a sense of protection to employees and visitors after dark.

hiw-8Athletic Facilities and Fitness Centers

Arenas, gyms and outdoor athletic fields are lit from high above. Modern LED lighting effectively illuminates workout areas or playing fields from a distance, while lessening glare and minimizing contrast. This makes nighttime games or outdoor events more enjoyable. Modern lighting inside fitness centers creates an inviting environment for members to enjoy their workout. Because LED lights have a much greater life, and typically are difficult to reach because of their height, maintenance costs are substantially reduced.


Hospitality Industry and Resorts

Modern lighting is important to the image of a hotel, motel or resort. Exterior lighting creates the first impression for visitors and can entice passers-by to come through the door. Since guests use the amenities throughout the day and night, energy efficient LED lighting adds to a more pleasant experience for visitors while significantly reducing energy usage and expenses.


Government Facilities

All levels of government are constantly striving to reduce expenses. They are leading by example the movement towards energy conservation and sustainability. While much has already been accomplished in energy efficiency, much more can be done to reduce government spending. Upgrading energy management technology and installing a modern lighting system is the least expensive and most cost effective method of accomplishing this goal.

hiw-11Property Owners and Managers

Commercial real estate is a competitive marketplace and owners and managers must do more with less for their tenants. A modern LED lighting system not only reduces your energy costs and maintenance expenses, it enhances the value of your property and makes it a more attractive place to live, work or visit.

hiw-12Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

National Energy Service Companies [ESCOS], including Aelux, Ameresco, Armstrong, Energy Conservation & Supply, and Siemens Building Technologies retains S&H as a preferred subcontractor for their lighting and electrical contracting projects. They and their clients benefit from our know-how and experience.

We have been approved for work in governmental and other types of facilities, including airports, hospitals and schools, and have developed and completed energy conservation projects and lighting system upgrades for clients across the country and in the Caribbean. You can be assured of the privacy and security of your facility and employees when we are in your building.No matter what industry you are in, if your facility is still being lit by older incandescent or fluorescent lighting, it is only a matter of time before you will have to modernize. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 is phasing out and banning the production of older lighting products. State and local government regulations and utility rebates and incentives are also driving the use of new energy efficient lighting systems and products. Advanced control systems, wireless inter-connectivity and ‘smart’ buildings provide additional impetus to upgrading your energy management systems. Modern LED lighting is especially well suited to these new technologies. S & H is especially well suited to provide them to you.Why wait until your current lighting system becomes obsolete or you cannot find replacement parts to start reducing your energy bills? By upgrading now, the savings you begin to realize today can pay for the costs you will incur tomorrow. Illume Energy Solutions has the proven capabilities and know-how for helping organizations reduce their energy usage and improve their bottom line.